Signs of alcoholic neuropathy


Signs of alcoholic neuropathy
Alcoholic neuropathy is a peripheral nerve disorder. The infection happens when excessive use of alcohol damage the nerves. The peripheral nerves transfer signals within the body, brain and the spinal cord. During such times, the body lacks folate, thiamine, vitamins, and niacin. Victims experiencing this disorder present varying symptoms; the list below indicates several symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy.
1) Patients who suffer from alcohol neuropathy experience numbness within their arms and legs.
2) At some cases, the victim suffers from abdominal sensation like needles and pins
3) A problem in urinating and incontinence and an experience of incomplete bladder emptying. The problems lead to difficulty in urinating.
4) Muscle weakness also happens frequently among the alcohol neuropathy victims.
5) The body also experiences heat intolerance mainly after exercise
6) Men form a condition of impotence
7) Constipation, diarrhea, and nausea often appear in alcoholic neuropathy victims
The mentioned symptoms might cause adverse problems if not treated it therefore essential to perform medication before prolonged time.